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About the Fault

October 17, 2009

Notes from the Fault is described this way on the “About” page: “East and West Jerusalem are essentially divided by a Mandate-era highway. St. Joseph and Benton Harbor, Michigan, two of the most hypersegrated cities in the north, are divided by a river. Notes from the Fault is about the lines of division, between cities, cultures, socioeconomic demographics, and worldviews – and about the methods we use to bridge these faultlines.”

What this doesn’t say is who writes for Notes from the Fault. Right now, I (Andrew Gerard) do. I hope other writers will join me. This is meant to be less a personal blog, and more a site dedicated to travel and cultural essays, and experiences and opinions related to politics and activism.

So I’m inviting anyone interested in hosting an online forum based on these issues to give me a shout with some ideas – for an essay, for a topic that should be covered, for grammatical errors I have made. If you are traveling overseas (or domestically, for that matter) or are working in an area of great need/economic disparity/hope you have no excuse not to write. Email me at:

Thanks, and Happy Writing


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