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Articles of Interest

October 25, 2009

I stole the idea of a weekend roundup of interesting articles and blogs pretty unabashedly from Jeff Boyd at Adventist Activism. If you have articles that we should all see, send me a link and I will include them.

Nightmare on J Street by Rebecca Abou-Chedid (Foreign Policy). An Arab woman who created a flap by donating money to a Jewish peace organization (J Street) talks about the place of Arab-Americans in the Mid-East peace process.

Frugal Traveler – Q&A with Travel Photographer Robert Caplin (New York Times). For those of us who A. do a bit of photography while traveling and B. really can’t afford to travel at all, let alone carry expensive photography equipment, or C. know better than to travel solo in seriously sketchy locales with a dowry worth of lenses on our backs, this is a good discussion of options and ways to make do.

Marine Colonel: Drop the Cuba Embargo by Tom Ricks (Foreign Policy). Short, interesting thoughts about the embargo and national security.

City-Data. Great demographic data/minutia about pretty much any town or county of interest. Good for making arguments about why your town is morally superior/morally inferior/better for building character than your friend’s town.

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