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November 2, 2009

New Life for the Pariahs by Nicholas Kristof (The New York Times). Kristof co-authored a book, Half the Sky, on the expansion of women’s rights with his wife Sheryl WuDunn. This article expands on one specific medical issue crippling women in developing countries – obstetric fistula.

My Secret Plan to Overthrow Iran’s Mullahs by Larry Franklin (Foreign Policy). Franklin, who is incarcerated in federal prison for leaking information to an Israeli spy via AIPAC foreign policy director Steven Rose, has plenty of time to dream up cinematic schemes to overthrow Iran’s government.  Training vigilantes to pick off corrupt or politically motivated police officers – that could make a good movie.

Country Comparison: Life Expectancy at Birth (CIA World Factbook). My grandma was of the opinion the United States had a very high life expectancy, especially compared to our sissy European cousins. I told her she was misinformed, and she asked for proof. This is the data I used to back up what I had said. The US ranks 50th, just below Portugal and just above Albania. Visit this handy site and you too can win arguments with your elders.

Terrorizing Aid to Somalia by Natalie Parke (Foreign Policy). As in Gaza and other polities without a strong central government and in which the majority of individuals are in some way connected to “terrorist” organizations, it is difficult to undertake development or even basic relief without working with individuals connected to “terrorist” organizations. In Somalia, this difficulty will probably kill people.

Adventist Activism (WordPress). Adventist Activism is a blog run by Jeff Boyd, which is an inspiration for Notes from the Fault. I was asked to write for Adventist Activism a while back, but am long winded and my essay would’ve dominated theavailable space, so I created my own blog and linked the article. If you are in any way connected with (or intrigued by) the Seventh-day Adventist church and would like to tap into the discussions of the young, Adventist activist community, this is a good source.

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