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Things you probably should have read last week

November 9, 2009

A few articles of note from the past week:

America, Stop Sucking up to Israel by Gideon Levy (Haaretz). Another timely opinion piece about the United States’ mostly-carrot, very-little-stick approach to Israel and the Mid-East Peace Process, this time in prominent Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

First, Silence the Whistle-Blower by Christopher Hitchens (Slate). Deputy special representative to U.N. Secretary General Peter Galbraith was let go by the U.N. mission in Afghanistan after complaining about corruption by the Afghan government, and the U.N. turning a blind eye to this corruption.

Why are the United States and Israel at the Top of Human Rights Hit Lists? by James Ron and Howard Ramos (Foreign Policy). Organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are often accused of being biased against Western nations which, compared to many developing nations, have fairly good human rights backgrounds. This article discusses why this might be, and why this might be a good thing.

The Ingratiator: Fire Sudan Envoy Scott Gration by the Editors (The New Republic). Scott Gration, this NR editorial says, is too cozy with Khartoum at the expense of Darfur.

The Hinge of History by Roger Cohen (The New York Times). Beautiful op-ed about history, chance, societal liberation, and the hope of a new Iran.

Room for Debate: Abbas Makes his Move (The New York Times). Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas said this week he will not seek re-election. A panel of experts discuss why this might be, and what it might mean for Palestine, Israel, and the possibility of peace.

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