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Things you probably should have read in the last two weeks

November 23, 2009

First of all, you should probably read Keiko Andress’ article on this blog, as well as Camden Bowman’s. Then you should follow the links below, then you should write something for Notes from the Fault (email me at

The Big Freak Out by Clay Risen (Foreign Policy). The authors of SuperFreakonomics say they are taking on sacred cows; by taking on the entire scientific community, though, they are taking on a lot of people with tighter methodologies than their own.

Palestinians Call for EU to Back Independence by Ian Black (Guardian UK). File under: Fatah growing spine.

Manhattan Transfer: The Right’s Nonsensical Arguments Against Trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York by Dahlia Lithwick (Slate). This title speaks for itself. However, let me note to any who have not read Ms. Lithwick’s writing in Slate: Dahlia Lithwick is damn interesting.

Shah Who? by Annie Lowrey (Foreign Policy). “The Obama administration just named a virtual unknown to head the U.S. Agency for International Development. Why — and what does it mean?”

Trains v. Planes v. Automobiles by Jacob Leibenluft (Slate). This is a short, helpful, and seasonally appropriate guide to best environmental practices in traveling home for the holidays.

Barack Obama’s Facebook Feed by Christopher Beam and Chris Wilson (Slate). Levity, brevity, and Joe Biden.


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