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A good blog, Bill Clinton, and Marwan Barghouti

December 15, 2009

St. Joseph, MI at night

Articles of Note: Firstly, continue reading posts such as this one from our good friend in Sao Tome, Camden Bowman. Secondly, here are some articles of note (unfortunately from a week ago  – but they are still excellent, especially the Bill Clinton interview). Thirdly, do check out “Look Me In the Eyes”.

“Bill Clinton’s World” Interview by Peter Baker and Susan Glasser (Foreign Policy). Great distillation of foreign policy, and a damn good reading list.

“Jailed Palestinian Leader Marwan Barghouti Urges Unity” (BBC News). Some hints that Barghouti may be the next Palestinian Prime Minister, even if he has to run from an Israeli prison. A fellow to watch.

“The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers (Foreign Policy)”. Read this if you have a few hours to kill. Or just scan for people you already liked and feel important.

“The Fanatic, Fraudulent Mother Teresa” By Christopher Hitchens (Slate). This is a bit of a bitter classic, Hitchens’  2003 diatribe against the beautification of Mother Teresa. Not an article that needs to be agreed with, but perhaps thought about anyway.

“Look Me in the Eyes” ( Not for the faint of heart, this gritty new blog explores travel, existentialism, and the dark corners of America (and may, I’d guess, venture to dark corners beyond).

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