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Martin Luther King and Rick Perry

August 15, 2011

I want to focus as little on Rick Perry as possible here, but do want to, a few days before dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, throw out a couple quotes that, although not entirely related (I think when Rick Perry says “Washington DC” he doesn’t actually mean “Washington DC”), do provide a jarring difference.

Perry: Said in announcing his candidacy that he would “work everyday to try and make Washington D.C. as inconsequential in your life as I can.”

MLK, in 1965, said that congress had been “derelict in their duties and sacred responsibility to make justice and freedom a reality for all citizens in the District of Columbia.”

Admittedly, they were talking about different things, and different DCs. But for those of us lucky enough to live in the Capital, being insulted at the beginning of a campaign by a(nother) Texas governor with a penchant for redneck violence does make it odd and refreshing to see a quote from an American hero not saying that Washington is broken (most hackneyed phrase in punditry), but that Washington has been let down.

If you want to see the unveiling of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, come to West Potomac Park at 11 AM on Sunday, August 28. Click here for a list off all the dedication week events. And if you don’t like taxation without representation, click here.


(Full disclosure: the full MLK quote was published in an advertisement in Mid City DC, a community paper, for I have posted two references for the quote, each of which have essentially half of the quote. I am curious, and will try to look up, why this quote exists in an advertisement, and seems to have been quoted by both Mayor Vincent Grey and the city of Washington DC, but when it is Google searched in its entirety, well, you get this blog. I may take the blog post down if I can’t find a better reference. I would hate for this to become a cautionary tale about not trusting everything you read.)

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